My dearest Cynthia,

How are you doing over there? How are you managing to cope with life and its challenges? I hope you are doing very well over there. How is your business going? I strongly believe that you are coping with the stress of managing the fish farm. Really, it is never easy.

How is your mum doing? How is she coping with her work in the Finance Department. I understand that government work in Nigeria is quite cumbersome. Worst of all, it could be unrewarding sometimes. However, it has become the major source of income for the majority of the population in the country.

Anyway, once one gets used to the demands of the work it becomes a lot easier to cope with its challenges. In that way getting up early in the morning to dress up for work and coming back later in the day becomes an easy experience. Well, I thank God that you all are still living and surviving against all odds.

I write to remind you of my book ‘The Joy Of Brotherhood’ which I gave to you when we were still going for Summer Lessons. I remember giving you the book when you wanted to use it for your examinations. Meanwhile, I hope and believe you found the book useful. The story therein is quite interesting and educating.

Also, I found it very informative as it has a lot of things to tell you about modern day life. I quite enjoyed the setting of the story. Again, the storyline had a lot to teach me especially as I tried to weigh it in the light of my own life as an actor being piloted by modern day events.

Again, I found the ending of the story extremely exhilarating. Much more interesting was the poetic justice meted out to the villain of the story. That story was one novel I really found very interesting. I have read quite a good number of interesting novels. However, I found this one really outstanding.

Unfortunately, I have gone through my library and discovered that you have not returned the novel to me. Therefore, it became necessary that I wrote this letter to you. The essence of writing to you is to remind you to return the book to me. Actually, I still need the book for some reasons.

The book holds some form of nostalgia for me. It was given to me as a birthday present. It was presented to me by my grandmother when I was hospitalized. Three years ago I was seriously sick and had to celebrate my birthday in the hospital. Consequently, I received the book as a gift.

On a normal ground, it would have been difficult for me to give you the book because it is a gift I received with love from someone. However, considering our length of friendship and how well we have come to know each other over the years it was a very simple task for me to give it to you. So, invariably I gave it to you with love. However, I do need it now – at least for keeps.

Therefore, I am waiting to receive the book from you. You can send it through courier services. However, before you send it let me know. Thank you as I wait for your response.


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