Dearest Ismail,

My dearest Ismail, how is life treating you over there? I believe you are definitely fine. How is your entire family doing over there? I believe you are all doing great. May God be praised and lifted high.

Also, I am in very good health myself. I felt sick some time ago. However, I am feeling perfectly ok right now. I had to go to the hospital for treatment. I was hospitalized for a few days. The doctors made a lot of frantic efforts to restore me back to health. I thank God that I eventually became well again.

I have since returned home. I am eternally grateful to my loving wife who has taken it upon herself to cater for me. She has been working round the clock to ensure that I am properly taken care of. Meanwhile, she doesn’t joke with my health.

I graciously received, in good health, the letter you addressed to me last week Tuesday. Also, I properly understood your request to come and spend some time with us down here. Actually, it is a very nice idea that you have finally made up your mind to come and spend some time with us here.

As a matter of fact, we have been hoping and looking forward to that auspicious occasion. The last time you came to be with us we were leaving at Water Works Road. However, we have since changed location. Hence, we have been looking forward to receiving you in our new residence.

Moreover, we have moved into our own family house. So, this makes it all the more interesting and an event to look forward to. It would give you the opportunity to see our new home. Also, we have missed you for a very long time and earnestly hope to see you again.

In your letter you requested that we should look for a place where you can stay throughout your period with us. Well, that is a very nice idea as our house is actually over crowded right now. Some people came to visit us from Zamfara State.

As you can remember, I and my wife used to live there for a very long time. When I was working with the railway stations I was posted to Zamfara State as part of my service to my country. I worked there for the most part of my entire service. I made a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Eventually, I retired from the civil service and had to relocate. I had to come down to my hometown. First, I stayed at Water Works Road where you once visited us. However, I have been able to build my own personal house. Consequently, I have since moved into the house to the glory of God.

So, some of my very close friends and colleagues whom I had met in Zamfara State all wanted to come down and see our new house. Currently, a family of three and two other friends from Zamfara State are staying with us. They insisted on coming because of the love they have for us. My wife and I were helpless. So, we had to let them come. They would still stay for a few days before leaving.

Therefore, it is important that I actually search for a place where you can stay comfortable. There are a lot of hotels within our locality. However some of the hotels are quite expensive. Some of them charge very exorbitant fees. The worst part is that they mostly charge per night. Most of the ones around charge as much as #1,500 per night.

Hence, we had to look for the much cheaper ones. Eventually, we found a cheaper hotel: Hotel Avalon. They charge as low as #700 for a night. So, you wouldn’t have to spend so much money during your stay. Again, we checked out their facilities and equipment. We were surprised to discover that they had state-of-the-art facilities.

Therefore, we have decided that we are going to book a room in this hotel for you when you come. The price wouldn’t be too high. Once you conclude on the date you would come we will decide on how long you are going to stay. We would then book the room for the number of days you would like to stay. This would make your stay a very comfortable one.

When you come visiting, we are going to experience the good old days again. I quite remember how we used to be in those days in the higher institution. I remember all the days we spent playing soccer together. I also quite remember all the tedious hours in the lawn tennis court together.

I intend to make your stay a very memorable one. We would visit the lawn tennis court together again. Also, we would go out to the soccer fields once more. Interestingly, we can also play beach soccer. This is because Ndibe Beach is just close by. So, it will be nice and interesting trying out this new game. In fact, I have planned to make you stay the very best experience we have ever had together.

Meanwhile, over here the weather is very cold right now. We are in the season of Harmattan. This season is a very cold one. Everywhere looks very dry and people have to wrap up well to keep warm. Therefore, this should inform your choice of clothes to bring along. You should bring along your sweaters. This will be necessary in this season.

Also, you can bring other very thick clothes you have. Again, you can bring very thick night wears. The weather is particularly cold in the night. Between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. the cold of the night can be very piercing.

Again, you asked about the public transport to follow. You should follow the Favour Mass Transit shuttle. Yu can locate these public transport operators in your area over there in Ikoyi. Their prices are fairly normal and inexpensive. This is better when compared to all the other operators who charge very high prices.

I really look forward to seeing you again. I can’t wait to see your face once more my friend. Till then take absolute care of yourself. Thanks as we wait to hear from you before receiving you.

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