Dear Jonathan,

How have you been doing my dear? I hope life has been treating you well since I left you? How is your poultry business going? I hope the livestock is raking in enough money as expected? How healthy has the poultry been? I even intend to start up one whenever I have the wherewithal to do so. I have come to learn quite a lot of things about poultry business.

Again, I have learnt so much about livestock rearing. I had to take some time off in order to learn enough about animal farming. This became necessary especially considering the fact that there is a high unemployment rate in Nigeria. In my research I discovered that such businesses as poultry farming and snail rearing are quite lucrative. One can earn a living out of these businesses. Snail rearing is particularly quite lucrative.

However, I think I only have the capital to undertake poultry business right now. Poultry farming is by far less expensive than snail farming. Snail rearing is quite capital-intensive. Based on my research I discovered that snail rearing can rake in a lot of money in the form of income.

Currently, I am undertaking some menial jobs to see if I can save up some money to start up the poultry business. When I save up enough capital I will set up the necessary infrastructure and begin.

The National Agency for Employment has embarked upon a nationwide skills acquisition program for all unemployed youth of the country. They came around my neighborhood some time ago. They came with the intention of imparting knowledge and skills. This agency has the sole responsibility of alleviating poverty among the general populace.

Hence, it became necessary for them to find ways of making the youths to be meaningfully employed in the face of the high rate of unemployment in the country. Consequently, they came with trainers, coaches and teachers who specialise on different fields of life. Everybody was encouraged to register for any kind of skills one desires.

Some people were being trained on tailoring. Some others received training on carpentry. Other people were also trained on welding and metalwork. As many as were interested were also taken through crop farming. Again, some people were trained on animal rearing. Some people were taken through some form of livestock rearing like fish farming, snail rearing, poultry farming and some others.

I underlisted for training of livestock and was taken through some basics of the business. I particularly settled for poultry farming. I have fully understood all the rudiments of it. I have also received some funds to start up. I will add this to the much I have saved from my job. This would enable me to start up in a much bigger way.

My aim and purpose of writing this to you is that very soon the National Agency for Employment will be extending their training program to your state, Ekiti State. I would like you to enroll and participate in the program for your benefit.

Make yourself available and learn all the skills you need through this program. At the end of the seminar and skills acquisition the agency gives capitals and loans to interested individuals to start up their own business. This would greatly help you in starting up something to support yourself and your family.

I hope to hear from you very soon on this. Take proper care of yourself my dear.

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