Dear John,

How are you doing this afternoon? I hope you are very fine? How about your mother and her business? I believe all is moving very well with her. What of your dad, Uchendu? I believe he is doing very well. How is he coping with his work at the airport over there? I strongly believe he is having a good time at the Apapa Airport.

How about you? How have you been coping after completing your school certificate examinations? Have you been doing any work at all? Or have you just been staying at home? Nowadays, it is very important to keep oneself meaningfully engaged. This would help to reduce the burden and the load we place on our parents.

For instance, I have been gainfully employed after writing my school certificate examinations. I was able to find a job that has kept me busy over the months. With this job I earn a monthly stipend. With the allowance I get every month from my job I am able to cater to a lot of my personal needs. I have done everything sew a few clothes. Again, I have been able to replace some of our foodstuffs at home.

Also, sometimes I contribute to our monthly house rent. More so, when my mother was very ill and hospitalized I played a huge part in financing her hospital bills. It was as if there was nowhere to get the required financial assistance to take her to the hospital. I had to draw into my personal savings.

Anyways, my primary aim of writing to you is to advise you on the need to find a part-time job to keep you engaged. This is very important and instrumental especially now that you have finished your exams. This will be very helpful. You can find a nice paying job that will sustain you for some time before you go into the higher institution.

Be that as it may, I would like to advise you to come down to my place because there is a new job opportunity I have found for you. Actually, there are a lot of job offers in this period. There is a job opening at a mining company that is close to where I work. This would be a very nice job for you. Also, the demands are quite challenging but not insurmountable.

I would like you to travel down here so that you can get yourself meaningfully engaged. I have met with the manager of the company and have been able to discuss a few things with him concerning the job. He has given me his response in the affirmative. I am currently searching for a nice accommodation for you. I am looking for a place that would be quite affordable and also close to the mining site where you would be working.

When you come I will help you with foodstuffs and some money with which to start up in this new job. This would help to sustain you till the time you would receive your first payment. Then you should be able to get those stuffs on your own. Again, you would be able to save up money to send back to your family. I believe this is a great opportunity and you shouldn’t let it pass you by.

I look forward to hearing from you to know your mind concerning this new development. However, I would want you to hasten your reply now that the job opportunity is still available.

Thank you as I look forward to hearing from you.

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