Dearest Gabriel,

My dearest Gabriel, how are you doing over there? I believe you arrived and reunited with your family very safely. The roads have really ppybeen very risky nowadays. A lot of accidents and emergencies have occurred within this period. This is even more likely especially in this festive period.

People are struggling to make ends meet in order to meet up with the demands of the Christmas celebration. Of course you know how everyone struggles to meet up with suicide at the month in this period. Anyways, I already got news of your safe arrival and reunion with your entire family.

I hope all is well with you and your entire family. I believe your mum must really be enjoying your new house now. What of your darling Daddy? I hope he is recovering real quick? Thank God for His divine security, protection and guidance upon you and your family.

My purpose for writing this letter to you is to apologize for my wrong behaviour towards you. I want to apologize for behaving in an unruly manner towards your girlfriend. The reason I am doing this is because I truly value our friendship. I cherish all the wonderful, interesting and exciting good moments we both shared in the past.

Actually, I would want to keep reliving every single wonderful moment we both had. In fact, I thank Jehovah Almighty who made it possible for the both of us to have met. I learnt so much from our friendship. A great deal of the knowledge I gained is helping me to cope with life and people right now.

However, I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding we had because of your girlfriend, Chioma. I am talking about the public altercation that ensued between you and I when you met me in an unholy position with your girlfriend and fiance.

Actually, my dear it was unfortunate that you met me on that fateful day in the Staff Club sitting with your wife in front of me and holding hands. Really, to tell the truth that was not the best position I should have assumed when sitting with your wife-to-be.

Nevertheless, this was not meant to disrespect you. Also, it was not meant as a way of cheating with your wife-to-be. In fact, it was just an innocent gesture. Again, the things we were discussing that night actually had a lot to do with your relationship in a positive way. I was advising her on how best to deal and relate with you especially now that you both are planning to go into marriage.

I have known you for a very long time my dear Gabriel. I can never do anything with the purpose and intention of hurting you. I have always cherished our friendship and our times together. So, my dearest Gabriel, I do have the best intentions for you and your fiance. That day I was telling her the much I know about you. This was because she approached me with that request.

So, I had to open up on our friendship and how well I have known you over the years. I did tell her so much concerning our childhood since we grew up together. Also, I discussed at length with her over our times together in primary and secondary school. Again, I let her in on the little times we also shared together in the higher institution. I told her of your life on campus as a decent young man.

Again, I discussed with her on our lives together as bachelors after graduating from the University. I told her of how we would often go to the zoo together for sightseeing. Again, I told her of how we will always go to the Pool to swim. Furthermore, I told her of the times we both travelled very long distances together.

It was unfortunate but you got the wrong impression from seeing the two of us together. However, I want to quickly make amends for what I have apparently done wrong. I do not have anything intimate to do with your fiance. I was just trying to be a good friend by telling her the much I know about you.

You have known me too well for long. Also, I have known you well enough to tell the kind of person you really are. I could never have done anything to undermine your relationship with her. I was just trying to be friendly with my guesstures.

It is quite unfortunate and regrettable that ever since then you and I have not been the best of friends anymore. You have started avoiding me. Again, you no longer pick my calls. Things have really gone bad between the both of us. Still, I wouldn’t want us to separate because of this issue. I don’t want our friendship to end over this matter. That is why I quickly want to make amends. I wish to take the blame for my misbehavior.

I have reached out to your fiance. I have made her to understand that you are my best friend and I wouldn’t want your relationship with her to end because of my mistake. Again, I have told her not to joke with your relationship. I have advised her to take it very seriously. I would not want to be a dividing force between the two of you. Instead I would want to be a force that will unite the two of you more.

Really, I would love to see the both of you back together. Please do not end your friendship and courtship over this little issue. Instead let your love for each other grow more by the day. I want you to still see and accept her as your wife to be. Do not allow the love you have for her to die. Rather, find ways of getting back together.

Thank you for giving me the audience to explain myself. I do appreciate your time. I pray that you will find a place in your heart to let go of everything that has gone wrong. I do not have anything to do with your fiance. So, please do not take what happened very seriously.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

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