Dear Jacinta,

My dearest Jacinta, how are you doing? I hope you and your family are doing very great. How is Uncle Jacob your cousin brother? I hope he is doing very well. How far has he gone with his American visa application? I do hope and pray that it goes through very successfully.

How about your mother? How is she performing in her business? I do believe that things are moving on very well with her. I hope her business is still booming as usual. Also, I believe she is making enough to make ends meet. Anyways, glory be to God for his goodness, his mercies and his loving-kindness upon our lives.

I write to thank you for the wonderful reception you gave to me at your place when I came to write my exams at Owerri. Again, I want to remind you that I forgot something at your house. I forgot my newly acquired Samsung IX5. The phone is well-packaged and wrapped in its box.

To start with, I sincerely appreciate you for your kind gestures and how you wonderfully received me in your place. Actually, before I proceed, the results of the exams have been released. I am happy, excited and glad to bring it to your notice that I came out in flying colors. Just like I had earlier told you the exams were really tough.

It was highly competitive because it was meant to bring out the best among the best. Usually, the Scholarship Board uses it to assess students in order to pick the most brilliant of all the brilliant. At the end of the exams the Scholarship Board selected the top 50 performers to receive scholarship rewards.

Luckily, I was among the selected students. I was the 18th person among the top 50 students that were chosen. The exam was really tough but I thank God who made it possible for me to have written creditably. I will now sit for the final round to decide those who would eventually receive the funding to complete their university education for free.

Anyways, I would like to take you back to why I am addressing this letter to you. When I came for the exams I packed my things and left back home. Eventually, I got home hoping that all my things were complete. However, I was shocked to discover that the Samsung IX5 that I had just bought was missing.

I tried to think back so that I could remember where I had left it out. It was hard trying to recollect. However, I eventually remembered that I had placed it under a cubicle in the room where I stayed in your house.

If you check under that cubicle that is close to the wardrobe in the room that I stayed, you will see the phone pack carefully stashed. The phone pack is blue in colour. The phone itself is inside but the park is still sealed.

I would appreciate if you could send the phone to me by waybill. All you need to do is to visit any Favour Mass Transit loading bay nearest to you. Just locate the Courier Services section and give them my address. Then you would be required to hand over the phone to them. In this way the phone would be delivered to me whenever they come to my town.

I look forward to receiving the phone pack from you in no distant time in the future. Thank you as I await your response.

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