Dearest Vicky,

How are you my dearest Vicky? I hope you are fine. How is your father, your mother and your three siblings? How is your elder brother Uchechukwu? Also, I hope, Favour, your younger sister is doing well. I believe, Ifeanyi, your youngest brother must really have grown big and rapidly now.

If all is fine then thank God for you people. I write to invite you to a surprise birthday get together. We are organising this surprise birthday party for a friend of ours. This our friend had been very ill for a long time.

I thank God who has been keeping me and sustaining my daily life. Things have not really been very easy over here. Sometimes, I have little or nothing to eat. Still, God’s faithfulness has been awesome in my life. God has always provided the wherewithal with which I feed myself. Also, He has provided the money I use to purchase books and all the necessary materials I need for my studies.

In fact, I have grown to like this place so much. I am now really enjoying my stay in this school. The hostel life here is awesome. During the day we enjoy ourselves in the hostel. We carry out our daily activities and chores very diligently. Oftentimes, we are monitored by our senior colleagues and hostel porters.

The nightlife is also interesting as we often party all night. Usually, we enjoy ourselves with a lot of different delicacies and sauces. After that we dance to disco music. Sometimes, this could take us to the morning of the following day. Other times, we could stop earlier and then go to bed.

Through all these I have come to discover that one cannot just stay alone and be happy. Over the years I have come to really be close to someone very dear to me. I developed a kind of close bond and relationship with this certain friend of mine. His name is Eze. He is a really nice guy. I enjoy all my moments with him. He has really proven to be a very trustworthy company for me.

However, my friend is very sick right now. He went on the holiday for Easter break and came back very hale and hearty. Over the weeks we played together, studied together, ate and slept together. All of a sudden, my friend Eze began complaining of weakness. With time he began vomiting. That was when we got to know that the issue had become very serious.

Consequently, we had to take very proactive measures to ensure that his health is restored. We began applying the first aid we know of to see if he could get strong and feel relieved. He got some form of relief following our first aid medication. However, after some time he experienced a relapse. It became so difficult that we had to seek help elsewhere.

Because of this, we had to take him to the hospital. In the hospital we had to get the hospital card for him. The hospital management insisted that without the card he wouldn’t be admitted. Again, it was necessary so that he could be attended to.

There in the hospital the doctors expedited action to ensure that he was restored to health. They have to apply all the necessary and needed treatments. This was to ensure that my friend, Eze, recovered quickly enough. Equally, the doctors made some prescriptions of drugs to purchase. We had to contribute some money to purchase these drugs for him.

The contribution was made together with my other schoolmates who were concerned. This became necessary because it was difficult getting the needed funds from the school management. Thank God we were able to raise the needed funds to pay for his drugs. Again, when his treatment was completed we had to settle his hospital bills.

When his treatment had been completed we had to bring him back home. He came back to the school hostel and was well-received by the other students. Meanwhile, the students had been eagerly waiting for his arrival. So, when he came back to school it was like a dream come through. Also, it was a very exciting moment for both the students and my friend.

We really want our friend to be happy. So, we decided to work on something. We discovered that his birthday would be coming up soon. Because of this, we decided to organise a surprise birthday party for him. We would want the party to be very fun and interesting. Therefore, we are planning to organise it in a very beautiful way by inviting some of our friends.

Because of this it is my pleasure to invite you to the forthcoming surprise birthday party we are organising for our friend. The party promises to be fun, interesting and even mind-blowing. He is not aware of this plan. We plan to make it a very huge and big surprise to him. This is a way of trying to wish him quick and complete recovery from the illness.

A lot of activities have been lined up for the forthcoming surprise birthday party event. We are organising some Junior Students to perform a popular traditional dance. Again, we are planning to get small chops for the event. Currently, we are getting together some money from our pockets to organise this event. If the money is up to a reasonable amount, we would consider paying some caterers to prepare food for us.

Furthermore, we intend to buy a birthday cake to make the day very remarkable. All this would require some reasonable amount of cash. Nevertheless, we plan to make do with what we have. However, I believe we should be able to race the naked money to undertake the project.

The essence of writing this letter is to inform you that your presence would really make the day memorable. I intend to see you that day. Moreover, it has been very long when we last met physically. So, this occasion will give us the opportunity to meet once more.

The occasion is going to be held at The Police Lounge beside Udensi Quarters on the 30th of August. We are going to be using Hall 5 of the Lounge. We are going to kick off the occasion by exactly 12:00 noon. However, I would expect you to be seated by 10:00 a.m.

You can come along with any other friends. However, do not come with so much crowd as we are planning on a low budget. You can also come along with birthday presents. The colour of the day is going to be yellow and navy blue colour.

I look forward to seeing you at the event. Until that time, please take proper care of yourself. Goodbye and see you soon.

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