Dear Johnson,

I believe you are doing very well. I hope you have recovered fully from your sickness? I was told of how you had been hospitalized for quite a very long time. Your mother called my dad and explained everything to him. It’s quite a great pity my dear. Nowadays, a lot of people are becoming ill and sick. I don’t know whether it is because of the current season in the country.

Also, I had fallen ill some weeks ago. I went to a nearby chemist shop and got some drugs. I took the drugs and started getting better. After a few days of recovering and getting better I had a domestic accident. I had just finished preparing hot tomato stew. I left it on top of the gas cooker and went to get a hand towel. When I came back with a hand towel I made to bring the pot of stew down from the high gas cooker.

I placed my hand on the two handles of the pot with the intention of bringing it down. On trying to bring it down one of the handles pulled off. Accidentally, a large portion of the hot stew poured out and splashed on my left feet. My feet began to swell up. It was so hot that I began to weep uncontrollably.

My siblings and parents came around and were shocked by the home accident. Immediately, some first aid treatments were applied to assuage the pain and reduce the swelling. After a few days the pain had not gone and the swelling had not also improved. The swelling produced some pus when opened.

This was quite worrisome. After some days of applying the treatment we discovered that there was no improvement. After that my parents decided to seek treatment elsewhere. This was because it seemed as if the first treatment was not working out. The drugs I was placed on didn’t prove to be effective in restoring my leg. Therefore, it was important that we sought medical attention from another place.

Luckily, we were able to find a better place. In the new place the nurse seemed to be well experienced in cases of injury due to hot fluid. She quickly began to apply all the necessary treatment. Within a few days the wound started drying up. The swellings had reduced remarkably. The pains were almost completely gone. I was getting better relief from the second treatment more than the first.

Anyways, I thank God that I am eventually getting much better. I believe that very soon I will recover fully. My younger sister, Precious, was also very sick throughout last week. She started noticing some signs and symptoms of malaria earlier last week. She said she was feeling cold. Again, she felt like vomiting.

Her mouth and tongue were tasting very bitter. We suggested that it could be malaria. This was based on our former knowledge of the signs and symptoms of the disease. We decided to take her to the nearby chemist’s shop. The chemist checked her temperature and said that she was actually down with malaria.

Immediately, the nurse started checking for the best treatment to administer. She prescribed some drugs for her. Then we went to the pharmacy to get all the drugs that the nurse had prescribed for her. We had to drive for more than two kilometres while we were looking for the best pharmacy to get the recommended drugs.

We were particularly careful about the pharmacy where we would get the most genuine drugs for her. This is because a lot of the pharmacies in town do not sell very original drugs. We live in a town and in a modern era where everyone is looking for a way out of the ugly economic situation. Some people even go to the extent of producing fake drugs to sell out to the public.

What some of them do is that they set up illegal drug manufacturing factories in their backyards. Then they begin to produce unhealthy and uncertified drugs. These drugs do not meet the standards of the drug administrators. Again, they are not endorsed by the drug regulators of the country. Still, some unscrupulous business people who do not care much about people’s lives go ahead to produce these unhealthy tablets and syrup for the public.

Meanwhile, the drug administrators, controllers and regulators in this state are working round-the-clock to ensure that this trend is curtailed. Oftentimes, they go round the entire marketplace testing drugs and looking for expired ones. Whenever they get the fake ones or expired drugs they expose the vendors. They always prosecute the people who market these fake drugs.

Sometimes, some of them end up with very tedious jail terms. Some are made to even pay fines before being whisked off to jail. These measures are very welcome. The entire people of the state are always solidly behind the drug prosecutors. Most times, they support the drug administrators by providing necessary information that could make it easier to arrest the fake drug vendors.

As at last week a lot of people were sent to jail because of this production of fake drugs. A lot of others also went to jail for marketing the fake drugs produced. Some others who sell expired drugs in their shops were also made to face the law. This group of ungodly business people do not care about the health of the people they are meant to serve.

So, we had to check very carefully to ensure that we were patronizing people that had credibility in drug dealing. That led us to Mid-City Pharmacy. At this pharmacy we were sure of getting the most genuine drugs. The pharmacy is well-known all over the town. Whichever drugs you are unable to get from other vendors you are sure to get it from them.

So, we got the prescribed drugs from them and then drove back home. When we got home she took the drugs. The drugs proved to be very effective in treating the sickness. With time she got completely healthy again.

I hope to see you again very soon. However, till that time, extend my pleasantries to your entire household.

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