Dear Stanley,

How are you doing my dear Stanley? I hope and believe that you are doing very well. How about your entire household and family? How is your dad, Chief Sylvester doing? How about your mother Deaconess Patience? I hope your entire family is doing very well. I hope and pray that you are all healthy? I believe God is keeping you people in good health?

Actually, I hope to see you people again very soon. Really, I wish I could carve out more time to spend with you people. I enjoy every single moment I spend with you people. I have come to see you people as family. Even I do not get the kind of love I receive from your family from my biological home. This makes me feel like a real biological son of your family.

Whenever I get back home, I tell a lot of stories about you people and the entire family. My mother and father find it difficult to believe how nice you people treated me. It is difficult to believe that you people did all the wonderful things you did for me during my stay with you.

I am talking about the nice clothings and eat-outs. I want to thank you people once again for the wonderful, nice and great reception you gave to me. I will forever live to remember and appreciate your kindness towards me.

I write to thank you earnestly for how you received me on the holiday I came to spend with you people. Before I came to stay with you people for the August Break I was looking for a place I could feel really comfortable. Really, I just needed a place where I could be accepted and integrated fully like every other family member.

It was not a very difficult choice for me to make anyways. I simply had to decide on coming to stay with you people. This is because of the few times I had shared with you people previously. It was very easy for me to remember how wonderful we had always been together. So, I just chose to come and stay with your family.

On my way coming, I encountered a lot of interesting episodes. From the time I boarded the public transport till when I got to Lagos it was all interesting and fun. I had enough reasons to smile. Equally, I had some sad moments on the way. But on the whole the journey was quite peaceful and excited while I was coming.

Sometimes, I did not even know what was happening around. This was because I had to sleep during the journey. Even, we stopped over at Benin to eat. This was about halfway into the journey. It was obvious that everybody was tired and exhausted. Hence, the driver had to pull over. This was to enable everyone to unwind. It was meant for us to relax and find something to eat.

We had to visit some of the restaurants around. Some of them served very well prepared dishes. Some even had continental dishes. Most only served local soups and cuisines. I had to eat sumptuously that afternoon. I was really tired. Again, I was very hungry. So, I was just praying that the driver could stop for me to take some rest.

Hence, I was very excited when he did stop. Before that time I had requested that the driver stopped for me to urinate and ease myself. Some other times I had asked to be allowed to go down and stretch my legs. When we alighted at Benin for the food, I quickly entered one nicely furnished restaurant.

I ordered a plate of swallow food. I was served bitter leaf soup and pounded yam. I ate so much and took some bushmeat. Also, I drank Hollandia Yoghurt. The food was nicely prepared. The caterers had taken enough time to put all the necessary ingredients in the right proportion. So, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

I felt really happy visiting you people in Lagos. In fact, I had one of the best times of my life staying over at your place. When we went for sightseeing at Victoria Island it was one of my best moments in life. While going across the Lagos Mainland Bridge, I felt terribly happy and excited. Looking over the bridge to see the wonderful Ocean was quite exhilarating.

In appreciation for what you did for me and the wonderful reception you gave me I would like to invite you over to my own place also! I would really be happy if you can find time to come over down here to Ebonyi State and spend some quality time with me. I would quite appreciate this very much.

Also, it would make me very happy. Again, it would give me the opportunity to play the same role of a wonderful host which you had been to me. You really made my time in Lagos exciting. I would like to do the same as a way of reciprocating your kindness and good gestures towards me.

I would like to receive you in my place especially as we have moved into our own family house. Having you in our new house will give me the opportunity to show you around the entire compound and all the facilities available. Also, it would help me to take you around and show you the entire city.

The new governor just finished completing a new Amusement Park. The Park has a lot of fun objects that would interest you. Whenever you come visiting I would like us to go around and see the Park. Again, the Games Reserve have been completed by the governor. Also, the Urban Zoo has been finished.

In the Zoo you are going to see a lot of animals. Even, there are some of them that are quite scary. The Giant Ostrich is a wonderful sight to behold. Again, there are a lot of other wild animals you could see. There is also a very fearful looking tiger in the Zoo. We would see all this whenever we visit.

I am eagerly awaiting your reply to know when you are going to visit. Thank you in advance and I hope to see you soon.

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